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Using Godly wisdom to successfully manage our money to glorify God, provide for ourselves, and aid others are what Financial Stewardship is all about. Godly wisdom comes exclusively from God. If our hearts are open to receiving it, he is glad to share his wisdom with us. God owns everything, even our money, according to Financial Stewardship. The earth, as well as everything on it, belongs to the Lord. ( Psalm 24 1a) Who better than the owner to show us how to manage our money? Money plays a significant role in us carrying out God’s intention for our lives. Here are four essential functions of money in our life.

Money provides for our needs and desires – Money is required for basic necessities such as housing, food, clothing, and transportation. Having adequate money relieves a great deal of stress in our life. We can better care for our families if we manage our money correctly. It allows us to follow God’s plan for our life with greater ease.

Money reveals who is the Lord of our lives – Money is frequently used by God to put us to the test. The majority of people do not see a link between their finances and God, but there is one. The way we manage our money shows what is in our hearts, just as our words indicate what is in our hearts. God is concerned with whether or not we have made money our god. No one can serve two masters at the same time. (Matthew 6:24a). God desires to be the most important person in our lives.

Money helps us meet the needs of others – God expects us to give some of our money to others in order to help and bless them. Sharing a portion of our wealth demonstrates our love for others. Whether we are willing to sacrifice by contributing to meet the needs of others reveals our love.

God will use money to provide direction for our lives – God desires for us to have a wise financial perspective. We are continually digging to find where God supplies it because we believe God will control our lives solely through the abundance of money. God, on the other hand, can use a lack of money to quickly guide us along his path. By delivering and withholding money, he reveals his intentions.