1. Identify your beliefs about money.

The first step in effecting change is to BE AWARE. What is your attitude toward money? What are your thoughts? When it comes to money, how do you react? Are you worried, sad, afraid, or depressed? Do you have a sense of calm, relaxation, or peace? Begin paying attention and possibly taking some notes. When you become aware of and pay attention to how you feel, you can investigate the WHY.

2. You may need to change your beliefs about money

What thoughts come to mind when you think about money? Perhaps you think “I’ll never have enough money”, “I can’t afford that”, or “I shouldn’t be buying this”. Beliefs are programs in your brain that you have downloaded based on your own unique experiences. It is said that by the age of 6-8, we have our life and money programs downloaded into our brains. So, as children, our experiences in our families and environments shape how we perceive things.

What applications are you using? Simply look at what you are experiencing in your world to find out. Are you bankrupt? Is there ever going to be enough? Perhaps you just can’t seem to get ahead. What is your personal story?

3. Change the way you talk about money

The next point to consider is how you SPEAK about money. It’s one thing to have a negative thought, but when you put that thought into words, you exponentially reinforce it in your brain.

Take note of what you actually say about money. Have you ever said or heard something like, “money doesn’t grow on trees,” or “we can’t afford it”? When you start paying attention to what you and others are saying, you will be surprised at how negative we are as a society in general.

4. Create new and empowering beliefs about money


What is your desired result? What do you want to get out of life? The first step is to be completely clear about what you want. Clarity is strength. The more precise you are, the more powerful your vision will be, and the more your brain will be able to come up with ways to make that vision a reality.


It is now time to cleanse your mind of fear and self-doubt. Fear is one of the most powerful impediments to taking action. Most people just sit around and never do anything about their dreams or goals. “Someday, I’ll do [this or that],” they keep saying. However, the road to someday leads to a town in the middle of nowhere.

Make a commitment to a better life. When you commit fully, cutting off any other possibility, you are going to push yourself to the next level and you are going to demand more of yourself than anyone else could ever expect. That is real power.


Once you’ve decided on a path and committed fully to it, you should take stock of your situation. Take note of the results of your current actions and direct your thoughts toward determining what is and isn’t working. Then make the necessary adjustments. Finding solutions to whatever comes your way is what resolve is all about.

By reprogramming your mind to focus on resolve, you can change your approach as needed to achieve the outcome regardless of the obstacles, hurdles, or circumstances that arise. Consider this: That you are conditioned for success regardless of what you face. Frustration becomes a gift because it indicates that you are on the verge of making a breakthrough.