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As a financial coach, author and speaker, I would like to help you take control of your personal finances and fulfill the purpose for which you were created.  Money plays an important role in every area of your life, relationships, health, work and your mental well-being.  Most financial coaches and seminars try to change your behavior by suggesting the use of a budget, tracking expenses, and building an emergency fund.  Those are important tools but they don’t necessarily change the way you think about money.  I believe the surest way to change your behavior regarding money is to change the way you think about it.  First, money is tool to be utilized to help you fulfill your purpose and destiny.  Secondly, money is a means to an end, it is not an end.  And third, money is a great servant but a bad master.

The LIVING$WISE concept seeks to help you understand what is keeping you from getting what you really want.  LIVING$WISE is the practice of making wise choices based on what you truly want, not based on how you feel.  The clearer your vision is for what you want, the more you empower your brain to come up with ways to turn that vision into reality. Learn more.

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