Too many people spend most of their lives waiting for the right time to act regarding their personal finances. You must become a person who acts. People with a solid plan don’t wait to act. They don’t always have the right answer, but they keep moving anyway. Acting will lead to answers. Don’t let obstacles and challenges prevent you from taking the required action. You can become paralyzed by always being in pursuit of more information or confirmation.

Hidden within most of us is a feeling of insecurity about our abilities to effectively manage our money. We make the mistake of thinking our first attempt must be flawless. Successful companies do wait until a product is flawless before launching; they get a product that’s 90 percent flawless out into the marketplace and allow customer feedback to assist them in getting it completely right. I believe that Apple was already planning I5phone when they launched the I4 phone knowing that the I4 phone would be improved upon.

Begin by taking small steps. What’s a smart step? It’s one where you act quickly with the means at hand relying on what you know, who you know and anything else that’s available. You make sure that step is never going to cost more than it would be acceptable to you to lose should things not work out. One decision can change everything. People who act constantly live in a state of productive positivity. They don’t settle and they aren’t scared to fail.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
Winston S. Churchill