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Helping People Achieve Success

My passion and assignment are to encourage, engage and equip others to live a prosperous and fulfilling life. It’s not where we start in life, it’s about taking positive and progressive steps in the right direction. It’s important for a person to understand that direction determines destination not intentions.

I’ve had some success. I have a few ideas about how to become successful. I’ve authored two books, “Success Is God’s Idea: Keys to a Prosperous Life and THRIVE: Getting on A Path To Financial Freedom.

I’m financially independent, debt-free, survived a heart transplant, and now I get to do what I want to do; not what I have to do.

I encourage others to dream big and expand their imagination. Imagine there were no limitations, that you could have what you want, and what would that look like? I’m currently living my dream and I’d like to help you do so as well.

Don’t ever let the people, the problems, and the pain of your past, pause your present, punish your person, imprison your potential and paralyzed your progress!

Your problem is not your problem, it’s the way you’re thinking about your problem, that’s the problem. What you cannot avoid, you must prepare for.  You’re not going through it, you are growing through it.


A Strategy for Good Success!



It has never occurred to the average person that they can become financially successful. The average person has grown up in a family where they have never met or know anyone who was financially successful.


No one becomes financially successful until they decide to. Even if a person reads a book or attends a seminar. Nothing changes until they make a decision to do something different.


Procrastination keeps many people from becoming financially successful. People always have a good reason not to begin doing what they know they need to do to achieve financial success.


If you cannot delay gratification and discipline yourself to refrain from spending more than you earn, you cannot become financially successful.

Time Perspective

How far do you project into the future when you make a decision?

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